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Qatar Airways A359 Business Class Review MAN-DOH

Flight Details

  • Airline – Qatar Airways                            Class – Business
  • Flight Number – QR 022                            To/From – Manchester/Doha
  • Aircraft Manufacturer – Airbus             Flight Time – 7H 30Mins
  • Aircraft Type/Variant – A350-900           Gate No – 204
  • Registration – A7 ALG                                Date – 27th October 2018    

This is the first time I can honestly say that I have never been annoyed about walking up early in the morning, the reason? I was travelling to Qatar’s capital city Doha from Manchester and of course the best thing about my journey was that it was my first time flying Business Class on the Qatar A350-900 something that I am extremely grateful for and still can’t get my head over even to this day.

Check In 

I arrived before anyone else fully or energy, roughly 3 hours before departure which was scheduled for 7.25 local Manchester instead departing at 7.45am arriving in to Doha a little early at 17.09 Qatar local time.  I stepped in to Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport and made my way to my flights check in counter. The very friendly check in agent scanned my passport, tagged my baggage which took roughly 15 minutes and I whisked myself away past security which only took 10 minutes surprisingly , to the terminals airside area where I started casually looking around.

There was a variety of shops open such as Dixons to restaurants such as Frankie and Bennie’s not missing out the main Biza Duty Free which had a variety of sections from alcoholic beverages to makup and beauty accessories finally conlcuding with watches and food such as sweets and chocolate. As I was one of the first people there, it was a nice and relaxed atmosphere and I had the waiting area to myself but instead of sitting around I decided to go for a wonder round Terminal 2. I was a little disappointed with what the airport had to offer but nevertheless I had to pass the time.  


After exploring to my heart’s content and purchasing a couple of items I gradually made my way back to Gate 210 which was situated just outside of the Biza the duty free store, I found a perfect place alongside the glass for one of my main hobbies, plane spotting! Various gulf state airlines including Qatar and Asian airlines such as Cathay Pacific alongside UK airlines such as TUI and Virgin use T2 as their chosen terminal to fly passengers out of Manchester.

Business Class and Economy Class passengers were seated together and it wasn’t long until passengers came through from check inn and of course last minute holiday shopping to wait for boarding to commence. I was lucky enough to watch the A350 taxi in to gate as it arrived from Doha, a true excellence of human engineering and design.

A short time later the Qatar ground staff arrived to the gate and the Passenger announcement (PA) began for all Business Class passengers to make their way to the front for boarding to commence, ears and I walked to the front with my small carryon bag and joined the quite surprisingly very small line of 20 people, however economy was full. The majority of people told me that Business Class boarding with Qatar is to a high standard and I must say it definitely delivered without any faults. I personally think that Qatar’s Business Class is a class above the rest as they have made tremendous changes within the internal cabin from spacing to design and most importantly the welcoming feel on entering.

The view of the elegant A350 came in to my unbelieving eyes and without hesitating, I gathered my belongings and smiled back at the James the steward waiting to welcome me and took my first step aboard. The Business Class Q-suites are a once in the life time experience so I knew I had to make the most of every second and I definitely sure did!

The Flight 

I made my way to my seat number which was lucky a window seat prepped with a blanket a nice shiny pillow and a personal amenity kit. I was already looking forward to the breath taking views of departing the UK and flying over Europe and then the phenomenal Qatari skyline and other birds eye views of god gracious world. The cabin steward approached me with a pre departure drink tray consisting of champagne, orange juice or water and I open heartedly took the orange juice glass from the tray with a warm towel again something that I am not used to at all. 

I had a personal Q-suite to myself with a declining seat and a screen to watch whatever I wanted without interruption, this is what travel really should be all the time. I had plenty of foot and leg room which made my journey extremely comfortable throughout. The captain came on the speaker system and welcomed us aboard the aircraft and passed on the basic flight details. The cabin crew completed all their checks and the aircraft started pushing back for departure.

Airbus have selected Rolls-Royce as their engine manufacturer, the exact engine type is the Trent XWB a series of turbofan jet engines developed from the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 and I have to say they suit and power the aircraft very well, the sound on spool up was a pleasure to listen to.

Qatar’s IFE system “Oryx one” is the best that I have seen so far. I had plenty of variety right in front of me from films to box sets, dramas, soaps, sports and other various worldwide options for their customers. I happily converted my seat in to a flat bed and watched away to my heart’s content before a small nap. I was in flying paradise, I only wish I get to experience the wonders of what first class would be like which is something that I wouldn’t miss for the world if I could find a reasonable price on a route that I haven’t flown before, any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated??

Another thing to add is that passengers are able to use the WIFI for 15 minutes without any charge however flying at altitudes of roughly 40 000 I experienced a bad reception which interfered with my phone signal and also drained my battery life which wasn’t a pleasant experience, this is something that I would mark as a con.


This was something that I was extremely looking forward to. Another excellent feature of flying Business Class is that you can potentially be served when you feel like eating or drinking, regardless of what other passengers are doing. The cabin crew approached me multiple times asking if I wanted anything to drink or a snack to munch on something that I didn’t feel as openly flying with rival Gulf state carriers such as Oman, Emirates, Etihad, Gulf and Saudia. The cabin attendants where more than happy to bring cups of tea and soft drinks as you pleased without any hesitation, this added a personal touch to the travelling passenger(s).

I had a good read of the menu a couple of times and decided to go with a starter and main dish recommended by the cabin crew, my starter was a strawberry compote mixed with greek style yoghurt and toasted granola nuts, this really got my appetite pumping.

After devouring my starter I chose the emmantel cheese omelette with chicken and herb patties as my main course which again I thoroughly enjoyed to the very end. The cheesy omelette blended in very well with the herbs to give a delicate finishing touch. My dessert was a selection of fruit from strawberries to mango cut in square pieces. Qatar Airways excelled in this department I was very impressed so far.


I would sincerely recommend the Qatar Airways Business Class on any aircraft due to its overall structure and top notch professionalism. The cabin crews seem to have the eye to impress and manage tasks to a very high standard. Andrew one of the business class crew on board took exceptional care of me throughout the entire flight without me having to say anything the crew seem to be on point, passionate and have the eye in bringing above standard customer.
I would like to try and take some photos from the A350 tail camera next time I fly as this is something that I didn’t experience openly which is unfortunate. To finish things off  I was even given, on request business class souvenirs to take with me, which I am sure will remind me of the time that I had with them, thank you open heartedly once again.

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