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Brussels Airlines and Sukhoi SuperJet 100s era finishes earlier

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Brussels Airlines (SN/BEL) decided to stop earlier the adventure with the Sukhoi SuperJet 100-95B leased to CityJet (WX/BCY).

According to Routesonline, Brussels Airlines, national flag carrier of Belgium will cease to use Sukhoi SuperJet 100 of the Irish ACMI airline, CityJet, as from 8 January 2019, while in October 2018 was announced the removing of this type in March 2019.

Routesonline and released on Sunday the list of all the last flights for these Sukhoi :

Brussels (BRU/EBBR) – Basel/Mulhouse (BSL/LFSB): Last flight 04 January 2019 with SN2705-SN2706
Brussels – Birmingham (BHX/EGBB) : Last flight 31 December 2018 with SN2037-SN2038
Brussels – Billund (BLL/EKBI) : Very last flight 07 January 2019 with SN2253-SN2254
Brussels – Bologna (BLQ/LIPE) : Last flight 06 January 2019 with SN3125-SN3126
Brussels – Kraków (KRK/EPKK) : Last flight 06 January 2019 with SN2547-SN2548
Brussels – Milan Malpensa (MXP/LIMC) : Last flight 04 January 2019 with SN3159-SN3160

The final flight will be the SN2254 between Billund and Brussels, on 7 January 2019, operated by EI-FWF.

Let’s get started to make a 360° view of Sukhoi SuperJets 100 acquired by CityJet. Then why removing them ?

Since April 2017, when it has been introduced as replacement aircraft of British Aerospace Avro RJ100, the problems never really stopped with these Russian airplanes.

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Delayed flights, other has been cancelled during nearly 2 years, sometimes SSJs were Aircraft on ground (AOG) for a few days in a row !

The Belgian carrier; upset about this situation, asked to CityJet what they can do to resolve the problems ASAP. 7 Sukhoi SuperJet owned by the Irish carrier, leased to Brussels Airlines, but mass cancellations and delays, lead to the point to edit the contract, and change the involved planes into CRJ1000 (CRJX) and CRJ900 (CRJ9) of Air Nostrum (YW/ANE), which is rebranded as Iberia Regional (IB/IBE), decided earlier in 2018 to cooperate with CityJet.

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Problems elsewhere

Interjet (4O/AIJ), Mexican carrier is looking for selling at least 15 Sukhoi SSJ100-95B, as there are also in America a problem for replacement pieces.

14 SSJs are into Interjet hangars, or near to, at Mexico International (MEX/MMMX) and Toluca (TLC/MMTO), and 8 are still active.

Interjet also contacted the SCAC, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, to find solutions, for the 7 SSJs in order. A global update on these new SSJ is needed by a complete reconfig of the cabin, and also by adding the Sukhoi-made winglets “Saberlets”.

Nothing in sight for CityJet and Brussels Airlines, but the problems are still there, with some troubles about replacement pieces, and also a minimum equipment list (MEL) shorter than Boeing or Airbus.


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EI-FWA, cn 95102, is the first SSJ for CityJet, but was mainly used by Brussels Airlines during peaks, and also was used in replacement of EI-FWB, EI-FWC and EI-FWD during consecutive days when airplanes were on the ground. Delivered on 2 June 2016.

It was stored at Venice, Italy (VCE/LIPZ) from 6 January until 3 May 2018.

It arrived at Dublin Swords, Republic of Ireland (DUB/EIDW) on 3 January 2019.


© TLspotting / Thibault Lapers

EI-FWB, cn 95108, is the 2nd SSJ for CityJet, and has been almost always used by Brussels Airlines since March 2017. Keeping the CityJet livery, it has been delivered on 1st July 2016, and has never been stored, it is still active and will operate its last flight on Sunday 6 January 2019.

Arrival at Dublin expected on Monday 7 January 2019., and then heading to Shannon (SNN/EINN) for storage.


© TLspotting / Thibault Lapers

EI-FWC, cn 95111, is the 3rd SSJ for CityJet, and has been almost always used by Brussels Airlines since March 2017 to its retirement on 29 August 2018, currently stored at Venice since, keeping the CityJet livery, it has been delivered on 2 November 2016.


© TLspotting / Thibault Lapers

EI-FWD, cn 95105, is the 4th SSJ for CityJet and was the last SSJ when the replacement began at Brussels Airlines, retirement on 3 December 2018, currently stored at Shannon since, always with Brussels Airlines livery, it has been delivered on 25 March 2017 to the Belgian airline.


© TLspotting / Thibault Lapers

EI-FWE, cn 95117, is the 5th SSJ for CityJet, retired on 12 November 2018, currently stored at Shannon since, with Brussels Airlines livery, it has been delivered on 8 May 2017 to the Belgian airline. Arrived first at Dublin and then heading to Shannon.


© TLspotting / Thibault Lapers

EI-FWF, cn 95117, is the 6th SSJ for CityJet, still active at Brussels Airlines, with Brussels Airlines livery, it has been delivered on 1 June 2017 to the Belgian airline. It is going to operate the last flight, on Monday 7 January 2018 and will depart for Shannon on 8 January.


© TLspotting / Thibault Lapers

EI-FWG, cn 95120, is the 7th and last SSJ for CityJet, delivered on 29 June 2018 and finished the ops on 29 October 2018. It has been transfered then to Venice, to be stored, exactly 4 months of service.

What’s next for these planes ?

CityJet will decide in a few months what to do with these planes, by sending them back to Sukhoi at Venice or keeping them.

Sukhoi SSJ in Belgium, the test which failed ?

VLM Airlines (VG/VLM, 1992-2016) already ordered (leased) up to 14 SSJ100 in 2014, but had to cancel the order in February 2016, due to important delays in the program.

Then this Belgian airline went bankrupt in June 2016.

© Sukhoi / VLM


Well, Brussels Airlines said no more Sukhoi to CityJet, replaced by CRJ9 and CRJX of Air Nostrum, after 1 year and half of service. CityJet doesn’t know what to do with, InterJet is also looking for giving them to an airline, or give them back to Sukhoi.

Brussels Airlines was the first Belgian carrier to use the SSJ100, while VLM was going to be first in 2016, but order cancelled due to a delayed order and also due to financial problems, as we can suppose.

You’ll be missed, Sukhoi SSJ100 with Brussels Airlines colors, 2017-2019, but not more than Jumbolino…

© TLspotting / Thibault Lapers

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