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TUI fly Belgium to lease as ACMI contract a Boeing 767 of Euro Atlantic Airways

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Tomorrow, Sunday 23 December 2018, the CS-TSU, Boeing 767-34PER of the Portuguese airline Euro Atlantic Airways (YU/MMZ) is going to be used to replace a Boeing 787-8 DREAMLINER of the Belgian leisure airline.

TUI fly Belgium (TB/JAF) have more their Boeing 787-8 DREAMLINER as aircraft on ground (AOG), OO-JDL “Diamond”, has to be in November and December 2018 grounded almost 14 days at Brussels Zaventem (BRU/EBBR) and London Luton (LTN/EGGW), 5 days in September 2018 as well, when aircraft from Air Belgium (KF/ABB), Wamos Air (EB/PLM) and Evelop (E9/EVE) had to be used as ACMI contracts, to not get these flights cancelled.

© TLspotting / Thibault Lapers – Air Belgium OO-ABD was operating for TUI fly Belgium, caught here at Brussels Airport (BRU/EBBR) on 27 September 2018.

This time, OO-LOE “Pearl” is AOG, then the Boeing 767 has been transferred from Lisbon Portela (LIS/LPPT) to Brussels, prior to flights TB177 and TB178, this aircraft will be at least used on 23 December 2018.

TB177 BRU – POP 08:25 – 18:25 23/12/2018 763ER CSTSU

TB178 POP – SDQ 20:10 – 20:55 23/12/2018 763ER CSTSU

TB178 SDQ – BRU 11:10 – 19:30 24/12/2018 763ER CSTSU

Also, another flight is expected with Boeing 767-304ERWL of TUI fly Belgium, OO-JNL “Sunshine” as TB177A and TB178A.

TB177A BRU – SDQ 15:00 – 23:30 763ER OOJNL 23/12/2018

TB178A SDQ – BRU 22:30 – 07:00+1 763ER OOJNL 24/12/2018

Schedule in UTC.

Finally, an Airbus A340-313 of Plus Ultra (PU/PUE), EC-MFB, is currently used by TUI to fly flights TB161 and TB162 from Brussels to Punta Cana and back.
The schedule of TB161 was not available.

TB162 PUJ-BRU 13:20 – 21:40 A343 EC-MFB 24/12/2018

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